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April/May 2005

Trinity School
by Alina Sweeney

As adults, we often look back upon our school years and consider them to be some of the most wonderful, carefree and memorable moments of our lives. Unfortunately, as students not many of us realized this. Back then, school seemed like a demanding routine in which we were being forced to participate.

For children, it's crucial that school be enjoyable and stimulating so that they feel they are participating in something truly special. Trinity School aims to create an environment that is a delightful and fulfilling second home for their students.

Fifty years young, Trinity School has expanded in leaps and bounds from a church nursery school to its current 43-acre grounds with impressive castle-like buildings, located in Buckhead. Throughout this progression, with both physical expansion and technological advancement, the school has fine-tuned exactly what it takes to develop the very best educational environment there is.

Trinity's mission is to create a community of learners where skill, knowledge and attitude are achieved within each child, which then nourishes responsibility, productivity and compassion for their generation. Starting from pre-kindergarten, children are exposed to a wide variety of sophisticated classes. Spanish lessons begin with Pre-K, and all students partake in weekly sessions of physical education, music and library visits. Second grade and above enjoy use of the media center, as well as the technology, math and science labs. Each classroom is equipped with computers, projectors, scanners and printers to further enhance the child's educational capabilities. Excitement and enrichment grows with classes in TV production, debate, Hispanic culture and crafts, and musical theatre, which includes Atlanta International Children's Choir, which performed at Carnegie Hall last spring and will be performing again in 2005.

Throughout the year, the children participate in a wide range of community services projects. Most notably, the Trinity Hand's Helping Others, a school-wide affair involving the Family Community Services program. Showing children the importance of giving back adds further foundation to the philosophy of the school. "Trinity students develop a strong feeling of responsibility. The atmosphere within the school is one of character, integrity and intellectual excitement," says Headmaster Stephen Kennedy.

Parental support has a big impact on the success of Trinity School. There are almost half a dozen various committees and associations that invite parents of currently enrolled students or alumni to participate in management, classroom support and leadership. These opportunities allow peak involvement with a child's learning and development. Parents bring forth fresh ideas to make Trinity the finest it can be.

The average student-teacher ratio is 7 to 1, allowing student needs to be addressed efficiently. The staff is trained to handle the needs of each child. Trinity maintains an average enrollment of 520 students from three years old to sixth grade, creating a tight-knit family that would be essential to that "second home" feeling.

Trinity mother Denice Coyne expresses her satisfaction with her experiences with the school. "Trinity children are so comfortable being kids. The school lets kids be kids without any outside pressure to act a certain way or dress a certain way to emulate an older crowd. When my daughter graduated from Trinity, I felt that she was so grounded."

In addition to the classes offered during regular school hours, an afternoon enrichment program allows children to further expand their interests, and keeps them away from video games and the couch. These programs include art, chess, cooking, dance, music and sports. There is truly something for everyone at Trinity.

The Specifics

Grades: 3 yrs. old to 6th grade

Affiliation: Judeo-Christian Heritage

Students Enrolled: 520

Total Teachers: 95

Annual Tuition (Fall 2005):
3 yrs. 3 day program, $6,480
3 yrs. 5 day program, $9,910
Pre-K program, $9,910
Grades K - 6, $13,950

Open House: Call the Admission Office to set a time to visit.

4301 Northside Parkway, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30327-3014

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