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Oct./Nov. 2006

Education 101
A Crash Course in Atlanta Schools
by Amanda K. Brown

For most new residents to Atlanta who are also parents, finding the right educational environment for their child is paramount—sometimes so much so that it becomes the deciding factor in other major decisions, such as where exactly in the metro area their family will live. The importance of finding the perfect match for a child who has just undergone the often traumatizing and stressful process of moving, especially when uprooted from his or her friends, is understandable. Every school possesses its own personality, and no doubt your child will be most comfortable learning in a place where his or her personality fits that of the school environment. The good news is that the educational landscape in Atlanta is rife with choices.

There is one key factor in making the right decision about where
your child will receive his or her education—research. Research the possibilities, the options, the capabilities, and weigh what you find against the interests of your entire family, and most importantly, your child. This fact-finding mission should begin as soon as your family decides to move to Atlanta so that an educated choice will be easy when the time comes to make a decision.

If you are planning on sending your child to public school, most
likely you will be limited to schools within the district in which you
are planning to move. However, if your family has not yet decided where to live, be sure to compare and contrast the metro area’s public school systems so that you can take that information into account when making your housing decision. To do so, visit each system’s Web site (see Public School story), which contains links to important items such as individual school sites, information on school districts, statistics on spending per child, test scores and extracurricular activities.

Other resources for public and private school information can include your real estate agent—many have access to databases or software that offer school data and demographics—or the Atlanta School Guide (770-992-0273), a complimentary, year-round publication that offers a comprehensive, detailed look at Atlanta’s public and private schools and can be found at more than 650 locations in the metro area, including libraries, grocery stores, chambers of commerce, real estate offices and more.

Discover the Possibilities
When searching for the right school in Atlanta for your child, one thing that will not limit you is lack of choice. Every type of school imaginable can be found in the metro area, and no two are the same. The facets of each school differ in several ways, such as area of focus, selection of extracurricular activities and athletics, mission and religious affiliation. Therefore, it is important to have a dialogue with your child about what things they are looking for in a school—perhaps they have a special interest in science or absolutely know they want to play lacrosse—and take his or her wants into consideration in the process.

Schools that fulfill certain niches also play an important part in the city’s educational landscape. For example, there are same-sex schools, such as the Atlanta Girls’ School, international schools that incorporate a global perspective in their teachings, such as the Atlanta International School, charter and magnet schools within the public school system that focus on a specific branch of study, such as DeKalb School of the Arts, and of course, many religiously affiliated schools, from Mount Paran Christian School in Kennesaw to Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Sandy Springs. Boarding schools outside of the metro area provide another educational option for students who are seeking a challenge or a more independent environment.

Open Houses
You wouldn’t hire someone for a job without interviewing them first, right? Even if a candidate looks good on paper, face-to-face interaction can assure you that this person has the personality and confidence to be successful in the position.

The same goes for finding the right candidate for educating your child, and open houses provide the perfect opportunity to do a little hands-on research and reconnaissance before you make your decision. Most private schools do not require registration for these events, but if you do make an appointment with an admissions director to attend, be sure to be there—your attendance shows a commitment to your interest in the school and to your child’s education.

The open house itself often includes a tour of the school’s campus, a chance to interact with administrators and teachers and a presentation extolling the school’s virtues, values, specialties and achievements. This is your chance to ask questions that are pertinent to your family and your child in particular (see  “Open House Insight”).

Schools often schedule several open houses during the months between October and March. However, call ahead to your top schools to find out their schedules and try to visit as early as possible. That way, your family will have plenty of time to compare and contrast the schools before application deadlines, which are typically in February.

Public schools, on the other hand, usually only host open houses after the school year has begun, so parents considering public education should call individual schools of interest to schedule an appointment to meet with administrators and teachers and to take a tour of facilities.

The selection process can be both exciting and nerve-wracking if you are attempting to choose the right private school for your child, you must take into consideration that the admissions directors are also trying to accept the right children for their school. However, after narrowing the selection to a few favorites, and in some cases sending in applications and receiving acceptances, it is finally time to make the big decision. Consider once more the factors that are most important to you and your child, and how each school meets those requirements.

At this point, don’t forget to involve your child—it could be the single most important factor in ensuring a smooth transition to a new city. Keep him or her informed and ask his or her opinions. Involving your child in the school selection creates a sense of importance, calms nervousness and may transform any hesitancy about the move into excitement.

While elements such as distance from home or affordable tuition can become deciding factors at this point, more often than not it comes down to a “gut” feeling—this is the right school for my child.

After you have decided on a school, public or private, there are several ways to help with a successful transition. Schedule an appointment to visit and tour the campus with your child; if it’s during the school year, it may be wise to wait until after the school day has ended—that way, your child can get acquainted with the school without feeling intimidated about meeting new peers.

Meet with your child’s new teachers and find out what each of them expects in the classroom, what curriculum will be covered and, if your child will be transitioning over the summer, what reading lists, book reports or math packets must be completed by the first day. Little standardization exists between schools, especially across state lines, but by knowing what supplies to acquire and what basic skills will be expected, your child can brush up on difficult subjects and feel prepared to join new classmates.

Also, many schools hold orientation or social activities over the summer that serve as relaxed forums for parents, students and teachers to get to know one another. Once school starts, be sure to stay involved, whether through participating in PTA or volunteering in the classroom or at school events. This allows you to gain a well-rounded view of how the school operates, will keep you in touch with your child’s progress and can provide the perfect opportunity for you to form friendships with other parents in the school.

Open House Insight
Here’s a brief list of whom to talk to and what to ask at your next open house.

Have you talked with:

  • The headmaster/principal?
  • The admissions director?
  • The department head of your child’s favorite
  • Academic subject?
  • The guidance counselor?

Questions to ask:

  • Does this school have an academic specialty?
  • What is the student-to-teacher ratio?
  • What is the availability of teachers to students and parents outside of class?
  • What is the daily class structure like?
  • What sort of grading system is used?
  • What is the rate of graduation at this school?
  • If my child needs extra assistance, what programs are there to accommodate this need?
  • How often should I expect correspondence from the teacher on how my child is doing?

Get to Know AAAIS
Many of Atlanta’s independent schools have joined together to make finding the right school for your child an easier process for you.

Parents have enough to worry about when trying to select the best school for their child without the hassle of different deadlines, practices, and expectations from each school. To make this process as smooth as possible for parents, and to match children with the right school, the Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS) was created. What began as a small affiliation of Atlanta area schools is today a professional organization of 72 fully accredited schools operating under a common code of ethics and organizational guidelines.

Providing independent schools with a forum to discuss mutual issues and foster both further understanding of each school and relationships among Atlanta educators, the organization has also standardized the admissions process for parents. The guidelines that have allowed this to happen, known as the Principles of Good Practice in Recruiting and Admitting Students, cover categories from nondiscrimination in admissions policies and tenets of fair recruiting to use of a common notification and deadline calendar.

Members of AAAIS use this calendar for admissions purposes, setting acceptance notification dates and student response deadlines on which the schools agree. For schools serving students with special learning needs, a rolling admission time-line is acceptable. By standardizing the admissions process timeline, AAAIS provides prospective students and their parents with a fair school selection process.

Every fall, the AAAIS Fair is held at Oglethorpe University for prospective students and parents to speak with member-school representatives. Although most schools conduct their own open houses as well, the AAAIS Fair provides students and parents with the opportunity to visit with several schools at once, talk to admissions directors, and begin to narrow down their school choices. For more information about AAAIS, visit

AAAIS Fall Fair Nov. 12

Open Houses From Oct. to Mar., in general

Application Deadlines Mid to late Feb., in general

AAAIS Notification Date Apr. 6

AAAIS Response Date Apr. 18

Going Public
Discover Metro Atlanta’s Public School Systems

Improvements and innovative programs in Georgia’s public school system have resulted in many stellar elementary, middle and high schools across the metro area. Statewide efforts to provide better test preparations to high-school students have shown improved results in testing. Georgia students’ SAT scores climbed four states in ranking in 2006 with a statewide average of 1477, thanks to the students’ positive results on the new writing component of the SAT.

The department of education has focused efforts on the performance of its younger students as well. Students in the first through eighth grades taking the Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) this past spring, which are based on Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and Quality Core Curriculum (QCC), were tested on material that every student is supposed to be taught. This year’s CRCT was based on a tougher curriculum and higher standards at the high school level than before, and 79 percent of schools met the requirements. The scores below are based on scales that vary by subject.

In addition to focusing on student scores, the state is looking at ways to keep at-risk students in school. Graduation specialists will be placed in each of Georgia’s 385 high schools this fall to identify and aid struggling students.

Find more comprehensive information about the Georgia Department of Education and learn about Superintendent Kathy Cox at 404-656-2800 or

Here is a quick guide to Metro Atlanta’s public school systems. For each system, we have provided the CRCT mean scale scores by grade in both Reading (R) and Math (M).

Atlanta City
Avg. SAT: 1294
3rd: (R) 821.3 (M) 329.6
5th: (R) 817.6 (M) 331.2
8th: (R) 815.7 (M) 309.8

Buford City
Avg. SAT: 1469
3rd: (R) 828.5 (M) 330.6
5th: (R) 819.8 (M) 339.6
8th: (R) 831.8 (M) 339.6

Cherokee County
Avg. SAT: 1565
3rd: (R) 839.6 (M) 345.4
5th: (R) 830.5 (M) 342.9
8th: (R) 833.4 (M) 333.7

Clayton County
Avg. SAT: 1310
3rd: (R) 815.1 (M) 325.0
5th: (R) 811.9 (M) 323.7
8th: (R) 817.4 (M) 311.1

Cobb County
Avg. SAT: 1538
3rd: (R) 829.9 (M) 336.9
5th: (R) 827.0 (M) 340.6
8th: (R) 830.7 (M) 331.3

Coweta County
Avg. SAT: 1508
3rd: (R) 830.1 (M) 337.3
5th: (R) 824.9 (M) 335.8
8th: (R) 828.6 (M) 328.4

Decatur City
Avg. SAT: 1534
3rd: (R) 843.3 (M) 344.2
5th: (R) 830.5 (M) 338.1
8th: (R) 829.3 (M) 326.8

DeKalb County
Avg. SAT: 1365
3rd: (R) 821.0 (M) 328.1
5th: (R) 817.2 (M) 329.2
8th: (R) 820.0 (M) 312.8

Douglas County
Avg. SAT: 1412
3rd: (R) 826.5 (M) 333.4
5th: (R) 821.1 (M) 333.7
8th: (R) 825.9 (M) 319.5

Fayette County
Avg. SAT: 1555
3rd: (R) 840.8 (M) 348.7
5th: (R) 833.2 (M) 352.3
8th: (R) 836.2 (M) 342.4

Forsyth County
Avg. SAT: 1538
3rd: (R) 843.0 (M) 346.6
5th: (R) 834.3 (M) 349.5
8th: (R) 837.6 (M) 336.9

Fulton County
Avg. SAT: 1580
3rd: (R) 837.5 (M) 343.3
5th: (R) 830.4 (M) 345.2
8th: (R) 832.5 (M) 333.8

Griffin-Spalding County
Avg. SAT: 1377
3rd: (R) 822.3 (M) 329.2
5th: (R) 816.0 (M) 327.4
8th: (R) 820.3 (M) 312.4

Gwinnett County
Avg. SAT: 1541
3rd: (R) 833.3 (M) 342.4
5th: (R) 828.6 (M) 344.4
8th: (R) 830.8 (M) 333.6

Hall County
Avg. SAT: 1458
3rd: (R) 821.9 (M) 329.4
5th: (R) 817.8 (M) 329.0
8th: (R) 823.6 (M) 323.6

Henry County
Avg. SAT: 1457
3rd: (R) 828.9 (M) 335.6
5th: (R) 823.9 (M) 335.1
8th: (R) 827.6 (M) 324.4

Marietta City
Avg. SAT: 1510
3rd: (R) 821.4 (M) 332.2
5th: (R) 819.4 (M) 334.0
8th: (R) 821.3 (M) 320.7

Paulding County
Avg. SAT: 1428
3rd: (R) 829.6 (M) 333.0
5th: (R) 823.3 (M) 338.2
8th: (R) 826.8 (M) 324.8

Rockdale County
Avg. SAT: 1482
3rd: (R) 828.2 (M) 337.4
5th: (R) 828.2 (M) 339.2
8th: (R) 827.4 (M) 321.6

Public School Calendar
A quick glance at the 2006-2007 school year

Thanksgiving Holidays
Nov. 20-24 Buford City, Cherokee, Clayton, Coweta, Fayette, Griffi n-Spalding, Henry, Marietta City, Paulding, Rockdale

Nov. 22-24 Atlanta City, Cobb, Decatur City, DeKalb, Douglas, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall

Winter Holidays
Dec. 18-Jan. 2 Buford City, Henry, Paulding
Dec. 18-Jan. 3 Forsyth, Hall
Dec. 20-Jan. 2 Rockdale
Dec. 20-Jan. 3 Coweta, Fayette
Dec. 21-Jan. 2 Gwinnett
Dec. 21-Jan. 3 Griffin-Spalding
Dec. 22-Jan. 3 Marietta City
Dec. 22-Jan. 4 Atlanta City
Dec. 22-Jan. 5 Cobb, Decatur City, DeKalb, Douglas, Fulton
Dec. 25-Jan. 8 Cherokee, Clayton

Spring Break Holidays
Apr. 2-9 Buford City
Apr. 2-6 All others

End of School Year
May 23 Gwinnett
May 25 Atlanta City, Buford City, Cherokee, Cobb, Coweta, Decatur City, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Griffin-Spalding, Hall, Marietta City, Paulding, Rockdale

SAT Testing Dates

Test Date Registration Deadline

Oct. 14                                     Sept. 12

Nov. 4                                     Sept. 29

Dec. 2                                     Nov. 1

Jan. 27                                     Dec. 20

Mar. 10                                    Feb. 2

May 5                                     Mar. 29

June 2                                     Apr. 27

SSAT Testing Dates

Test Date Registration Deadline

Oct. 14                                    Sept. 22

Nov. 11                                     Oct. 20

Dec. 9                                     Nov. 17

Jan. 6                                     Dec. 15

Feb. 3                                     Jan. 12

Mar. 3                                     Feb. 9

Apr. 21                                    Mar. 30

June 9                                     May 18

Atlanta Private School Directory
It’s no secret that Atlanta is home to a number of excellent private schools. The following profiles represent a selection of independent institutions in the metro area and the educational opportunities offered at each school.

The Bedford School
The Bedford School, in its 22nd year of serving children with learning disabilities, offers an individualized instructional program for children grades first through ninth. The class sizes range from 8 to 12, with reading groups ranging from two to three students. The Bedford School also offers intramural programs for all ages, as well as a competitive sports program for middle school-aged students. The goal of Bedford is to equip students with better academic and organizational skills, special techniques to help them become independent learners, and self-advocacy skills so that they will be successful in their future endeavors. For more information, contact the school at 770-774-8001 or visit

Brandon Hall School
As an accredited, nonprofit, nonsectarian, coeducational day and boys’ boarding school for students in grades 4 to 12, Brandon Hall has often been described as the “intensive care of education.” Founded in 1959, and Atlanta’s only college preparatory boarding program, Brandon Hall is designed for students who learn best in very small group or one-on-one settings, with an instructional focus on applied skills such as organization, structure, and accountability.

Students can be involved in over nine competitive sports, 12 clubs and organizations, or become active in the school’s fine arts programs. Since his appointment as the school’s president in 2001, Paul R.  Stockhammer’s leadership has fostered a strong sense of community, parental participation, and student success.

Athletic and fine arts groups have achieved local and state recognition, and the school has continued its tradition of 100 percent college acceptance for its graduating classes. For more information, contact the school at 770-394-8177 or visit

The Children’s School
The Children’s School, created in 1970 with the specific intent to be located in Midtown Atlanta to attract students from “the North, the South, and the East and West,” brings together children from all parts of Atlanta. The founder, Lila Bost McDill, was intent on developing a more effective way of educating elementary-age children. She believed that children should not only want to learn, but they should be eager participants in the pursuit of their education. Today, TCS has a curriculum that allows children to learn in a comfortable environment that encourages creativity and self-motivation. For more information, call 404-873-6985 or visit

Eastside Christian School
Eastside Christian School provides quality academics from a biblical perspective in a loving environment, equipping students to be strong in spirit and pure in character as they impact the world for Christ. Since 1983, in keeping with its mission, Eastside Christian School’s goal is to equip its students to face the academic challenges of the future and enable them to integrate a biblical worldview in all aspects of life.

Eastside Christian School provides grades K5 through eighth with optional after-school care. The advantages of the small student-to-teacher ratio, excellent academics, fine arts and athletic programs assist the students in excellent placement in secondary schools with continued success in college. Located in the heart of East Cobb County, the schools is accredited with Quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. For more information, call 770-971-2332 or visit

Fellowship Christian School
Fellowship Christian School is a K-12 college preparatory program that incorporates a Christian worldview into the learning experience. It offers strong spiritual, academic, fine arts and athletic programs designed to educate the whole child. The curriculum is structured to be challenging at each grade level in preparation for the next step in the student’s academic career. Age-appropriate chapels are held on a weekly basis and include music, devotionals, speakers and prayer. Ninety-eight percent of the students continue their education in college and 95 percent receive the Georgia HOPE Scholarship. For more information, call 770-992-4975 (Lower School) or 770-993-1650 (High School), or visit

First Montessori School of Atlanta
When Larry Page and Sergey Brin, cofounders of, were asked if they credited their success to having college professors as parents, they said “No.” Page and Brin credit their success with Montessori education—because Montessori works!

First Montessori School of Atlanta, the oldest Montessori school in the Southeast, provides an  environment which balances academic preparation with building social, emotional and physical abilities.

First Montessori is located on a seven-acre wooded campus in Sandy Springs. FMSA also owns an 83-acre Landschool in Northwest Georgia for outdoor programs supporting science research and outdoor excursions. This hands-on, discovery-based education serves children ages 2 1/2 to 14. First Montessori provides students with a foundation and appreciation for learning that will support problem-solving and collaborative skills needed for their future challenges. Call 404-252-3910 to make an appointment or visit See for yourself why First Montessori is ROCK SOLID.

Furtah Preparatory School
The mission of Furtah Preparatory School is to educate each individual student by encouraging high standards of academic achievement, while developing sound moral values and responsible citizenship.

Honor, leadership, self-discipline and integrity are practiced each day at FPS. Each student is encouraged to pursue opportunities for leadership in academics, student government, athletics and fine arts. As part of this mission, FPS strives to build strong reading skills through intense phonics training and by teaching effective decoding skills. Furtah Preparatory School integrates strong reading skills into all subject areas. The cornerstone of all schooling is developing students’ reading abilities to their highest potential. Through the curriculum, small classes and teaching methods, each student is supported in his or her learning style. The goal is to guide each student’s growth toward ultimately becoming a self-fulfilled adult, confident in his or her abilities to make a contribution to the world. For more information, call 678-574-6488 or visit

Greenfield Hebrew Academy
Greenfield Hebrew Academy was founded in 1953 and has a history of distinction and achievement in Atlanta. The Academy was the first Jewish day school in the country to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has twice been honored as a National School of Excellence by the Council for American Private Education. Greenfield Hebrew Academy’s mission is to provide students an outstanding day school education, integrating Judaic and General Studies in a traditional curriculum that is both challenging and stimulating. It nurtures within its students respect for the individual, a commitment to Judaism, devotion to Israel, passion for learning, appreciation of American ideals and dedication to the Jewish community. The dual curriculum emphasizes the importance of balancing cognitive, moral, physical, emotional and social development. For more information, call 404-843-9900 or visit

High Meadows School
High Meadows School is located on 40 acres near historic Roswell. The non-profit, co-educational, independent, non-sectarian school currently serves 385 students from age three through eighth grade, and has more than 19 different nations represented among the families and staff. The child-centered, inquiry-based instructional program provides a hands-on, project-based, interdisciplinary approach to teaching that inspires a love of learning and produces well-rounded achievers. High Meadows students think critically, learn creatively, live compassionately and act globally.

A low student-to-teacher ratio, combined with the expertise of two degreed teachers in every classroom, creates a dynamic, personal environment where students thrive. In a multi-age classroom setting, students receive the benefit of keeping the same teachers and peer group for two years. High Meadows is also a candidate for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, a renowned international program of educational  excellence. This framework for learning instills values such as social consciousness and responsible risk-taking, while teaching children to appreciate human diversity and their role in the global community. In addition to its integrated academic curriculum, High Meadows provides a wide variety of co-curricular enrichment programs: art, music, technology, environmental science, Spanish, library science, and physical education. High Meadows’ graduates become their own educational advocates and develop into lifelong learners.

Founded in 1973, High Meadows School is a 2004 No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School of Excellence winner. High Meadows is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). For more information, call 770-993-2940 or visit

Mount Paran Christian School
Providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment, Mount Paran Christian School unites with home and church to prepare servant-leaders to honor God, love others, and walk in truth. The result is an interdenominational community with a passion for serving and learning. With full SACS accreditation, MPCS offers challenging academics for grades PK-12. Opportunities for spiritual growth include weekly chapel services, daily Bible classes, community service projects and overseas short-term missions. MPCS, established in 1976, has an enrollment of 1,120 students. For more information about the Mount Paran Christian School experience, call the Admissions Office at 770-578-0182 or visit

Mount Pisgah Christian School
Mount Pisgah Christian School (MPCS), located in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a fully accredited college-preparatory school that provides superior academic education in a Christian environment. Founded in 1986, MPCS now serves more than 1,000 students grades Preschool through 12th grade.

As a fully accredited, college-preparatory school based in Christian values, Mount Pisgah offers students an academically challenging environment and intimate classes that help stimulate intellectual curiosity and encourage critical thinking. As a result, students consistently score well above average on standardized tests, and average SAT scores continue to post well above local, state and national averages. The school offers a college-preparatory curriculum; AP and Honors courses; drama; foreign language; fine arts; Christian instruction; technology; yearbook; speech and debate; more than 35 varsity, JV and middle school athletics teams; school newspaper; etiquette; specialized clubs; media training; guidance counseling and college advisement; among others. MPCS has been the recipient of state and regional awards in athletics, art, music and academic competitions. Mount Pisgah is committed not only to teaching students how to make a living but how to live a life filled with purpose and direction. At MPCS, service training begins in the Lower School with character development. In Middle School, students put service into action through community service projects, and the Upper School students take this growth one step further in a Leadership Challenge program, which teaches students how to lead others in service. For more information, call 678-336-3383 or visit

North Cobb Christian School
North Cobb Christian School (NCCS), located in Kennesaw, exists as a co-educational school that encompasses four-year old kindergarten through 12th grade. NCCS is a partnership of home and school, working together for the purpose of preparing students spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally for the challenges of life. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), NCCS offers a college preparatory curriculum with challenging academics, 10 Advanced Placement (AP) classes and 30 Honors classes. As a result, NCCS students score well above average on standardized tests, including the SAT and ACT. In addition, NCCS offers the first and only Christian magnet school of the arts in America. The North Atlanta School of the Arts provides a rigorous college prep curriculum to encourage artistic excellence, integrate multiple arts disciplines, and performing and visual arts presentation opportunities. The successful athletic program, consisting of 15 Varsity, three Junior Varsity and 14 Middle School teams provided NCCS in 2006 with State Champions from the Girls Swim Team, Boys Swim Team, Boys Track Team, and the Varsity Baseball Team. Committed to Christ, NCCS provides a biblically based education in a nurturing environment, developing students’ full potential to impact their world for Christ. For more information, call 770-975-0252 or visit

Rivercliff Lutheran School
Rivercliff Lutheran School began in 2001 with a Kindergarten class. Since that time, it has added a grade each year. Rivercliff Lutheran offers a Christ-centered environment with small class sizes, individualized learning, caring teachers and extra-curricular activities. Spanish, as well as a structured music class, is also offered. Before- and after-school care is available to parents. Rivercliff Lutheran is located at 8750 Roswell Road, just one-half mile south of the Chattahoochee River. To find out more about this family-friendly school, call 770-993-4316 or visit

Trinity School
An independent, coeducational school, Trinity serves preschool and elementary-age children. Founded in 1951 by Trinity Presbyterian Church and grounded in the ethical framework of the Christian faith and in Jewish heritage, Trinity is an elementary school passionately and expertly focused on providing an extraordinary educational experience for each young learner. Trinity School nurtures and challenges their three-year-old through sixth grade students, providing them with a thoughtfully conceived and creatively delivered educational program. Trinity School strives to create a community of learners, where each child acquires the knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve his or her unique potential and become a responsible, productive, and compassionate member of the expanding global community. For more information, call 404-231-8100 or visit

Whitefield Academy
Whitefield Academy, a Christ-centered college preparatory school serving grades PK4 through 12, is located on a 78-acre campus in the Smyrna/Vinings area of Cobb County. Whitefield strives to graduate students who go on to college and life with a passion for learning, and who develop the leadership, decision-making and problemsolving skills necessary to make a positive contribution to their community. This passion for learning is instilled by exceptional, hands-on educational programs. With small classes and Christian faculty members with hearts for teaching, Whitefield students are continuously prepared to meet the challenges of a college-prep curriculum. Whitefield teachers understand, however, that while academics measure the level of a student’s knowledge, the development of a student’s heart and the directive of serving others are the spiritual components that go full-circle in truly educating a person. Competitive, award-winning athletics, inspiring fine arts, and leadership development through honor council, student government, student-led committees and service projects bolster a very solid academic environment, augmented by AP and honors classes. A strong sense of community exists within the campus. Parents support and volunteer through the Fine Arts Patrons, the athletic Booster Club, Dad’s Fellowship, and the Whitefield Parents Association. Whitefield Academy is graduating students who are moving into the university and beyond with excellent academic preparation and the perspective of a Christian world-view that is equipping them to be critical thinkers in a challenging culture. For more  information, call 678-305-3000 or visit

Woodward Academy
Founded in 1900 as Georgia Military Academy, Woodward Academy is a coeducational college preparatory school enrolling 2,880 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 on two different campuses in Metropolitan Atlanta. As the largest independent school both in Atlanta and in the continental United States, Woodward draws from 23 counties and offers a wide variety of curricular and extracurricular programs to a diverse student body. The Academy’s student population includes a minority (African-American, Hispanic and Asian) composition of approximately 20 percent; a wide range of cultural and religious diversity is represented within the community as well. The Academy enrolls students who have demonstrated above average to highly exceptional intellectual ability and offers appropriately paced instructional tracks to accommodate this range of ability in its college preparatory curriculum.

Woodward Academy has been the recipient of state and national art awards for the past three years. In addition, Woodward Academy sports teams have been state finalists or champions for the past three years. Woodward Academy offers 20 AP courses, programs to help students with learning disabilities, and community service integration into the curriculum and/or extracurricular activities.

Located in Atlanta’s College Park neighborhood, Woodward Academy offers excellent educational resources to both its students and faculty. With an average class size of 17, and a student teacher ratio of eleven to one, there are limited openings in Grades Pre-K through 12 for new students. For more information, call the school at 404-765-4001 or visit

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