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Newcomer Magazine, October/November 2013 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

October/November 2013 Issue:

Newcomer's 2013 Education Guide
Your guide to metro Atlanta’s public and private school options, including unique educational opportunities, how computers are changing the way students learn and more.

Teaching and Technology
Beyond the Classroom
Atlanta Independent School Directory

Homes and Communities: HOAs and Neighborhood Associations
Learn about homeowner associations and neighborhood associations and why they might be a good fit for you.

Atlanta Getaways
From pampering room service to rustic camping, recharge your batteries without leaving town thanks to these soothing staycations.

Newcomer Magazine, August-September 2013 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

August/September 2013 Issue:

Arts and Entertainment Guide
From family-friendly museums to thought-provoking theater and world-class performing arts, Atlanta’s thriving cultural scene has something for everyone.

Homes and Communities: Fayette County
Fayette County’s booming business community, affordable housing and tons of recreation options make it a great place to live, work and play.

Education Insight: Charter Schools
Charter schools are becoming more common throughout Georgia. We explore how they work and what they may be able to offer your child.

Finding a New Dentist
With so much to do after your move, selecting a dentist can slip through the cracks. We offer some tips to take the stress out of your search.

Newcomer Magazine, June-July 2013 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

June/July 2013 Issue:

What Makes Atlanta Great
We break down everything you need to know about this spectacular city, from its top-flight arts scene to its stellar attractions, entertainment options and much more.

Homes and Communities
Looking for a brand-new house? You’re in luck: New home construction is on the rise throughout the metro area.

How to Prep for College Success
We share four key areas to look for when searching for the right college preparatory
high school for your child.

Financial Matters
Moving to a new city can be an expensive proposition. A little preparation can go a long way toward preventing unexpected expenses and taking much of the anxiety out of the experience.

Newcomer Magazine - April-May 2013 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

April/May 2013 Issue:

Discover Metro Atlanta’s Top 100 Neighborhoods
Our annual guide to the metro area’s best cities, towns and suburbs showcases top-notch communities with great education options, recreation spots and other amenities.

Finding the Right School
The metro area offers a wealth of education options. We walk you through the process of choosing the best one for your child.

Navigating Atlanta
Finding your way around the metro area can be intimidating. Get your bearings with our guide to some of the major roads and public-transportation options you’ll need to know.

Five Georgia State Parks
There’s no better way to unwind after a big move than by getting back to nature. Whether you crave a day trip or an overnight stay, adventure awaits.

Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

February/March 2013 Issue:

15 Great Atlanta Eateries: Discover Some of the City’s Best Restaurants

Atlanta is home to many top-class restaurants. Our introduction to the city’s dining scene includes great choices for Valentine’s Day, family dinners, Sunday brunch and more.

Buying a Home in Atlan ta: Why Now is the Perfect Time
Experts say now is the perfect time to buy a new home in Atlanta. We tell you where to start and offer some helpful advice.

Exploring Summer Camps: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Child
From outdoor activities to academics, cooking and more, summer camps have many ways to entertain and educate your child.

Investigating Pet Care: Finding the Best Provider for Your Pet
Finding the most reliable care for your pets is an essential part of any move. Find out how to to make the right choice for your four-legged friends.

Romantic Retreats: Six Picture-Perfect Georgia Getaways
From mountains to beaches, gardens to historic buildings, Georgia is full of destinations where sparks are sure to fly.

Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

December/January 2013 Issue:

2013's Biggest Events: A Month-By-Month Guide to Atlanta’s Hottest Happenings
Congratulations! You’re finally settled in your new city, and now you’re wondering what there is to do around here. No problem—we’re here to help.

South Fulton: Small-Town Atmosphere and Big-City Conveniences
The area collectively known as South Fulton is found in the bottommost part of Fulton County, the most populous county in Georgia. This 125,000-acre stretch, separated from the northern part of the county by the city of Atlanta, enjoys its own specific identity.

Exploring Classroom Size: Can Fewer Students Improve Your Child’s Learning?
The role of class size in student success has been a source of debate among educators for years. And in the wake of a 2010 Georgia Board of Education decision lifting limits on class sizes, it continues to be a topic of discussion for teachers and administrators.

Atlanta's Best Places for Shopping: 10 Great Malls, Neighborhoods and Outlets
Metro Atlanta offers a bevy of shopping options. From quality shopping malls to neighborhoods known for their ritzy boutiques, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Georgia Holiday Happenings: Light Shows, Time Travel, Celebrations and More
The state of Georgia is filled with wonderful things to see and do year-round, and that’s especially true during the holiday season. Here are just a few of the festive holiday events your new home state has to offer, from giant drive-through light displays to charming excursions into yesteryear.

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