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Newcomer Magazine, June/July 2014 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

October/November 2014 Issue

Newcomer’s 2014 Education Guide

Our annual look at metro Atlanta education, including information on STEM and STEAM schools and some of the area’s more prominent education options. Searching for information on local schools? Consult our select list of some of Atlanta’s most distinguished independent schools.

STEM and STEAM Education
Atlanta’s Education Options
Atlanta Independent School Directory

Henry County

A half-hour south of Atlanta, this charming community is a hub of history, commerce, culture and stock car racing.

Haunted Georgia

Take a road trip to investigate local spots that are steeped in haunted history and may even host a spirit or two.

What to Do Before You Move

Organization experts offer helpful tips to take the stress out of your big move, from organizing to packing.


Newcomer Magazine, June/July 2014 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

August/September 2014 Issue

Arts and Entertainment Guide

We raise the curtain on Atlanta’s thriving cultural scene, from the city’s best performing arts companies to its top museums, venues and more.

Homes and Communities

Atlanta’s “low-maintenance” communities take care of yard work and exterior maintenance so you can really enjoy your weekends.

The Montessori Method

This unique approach to education emphasizes a child’s social, physical and emotional development, as well as academics.

Finding a Job in Atlanta

Learn how to market yourself and make connections as you navigate your new city’s employment landscape.


Newcomer Magazine, June/July 2014 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

June/July 2014 Issue

Atlanta’s Top Attractions for Families

These family-friendly destinations are filled with history, fascinating wildlife and exhilarating activities the whole family can enjoy.

Homes and Communities

These five convenient communities just south of Atlanta offer easy access to the city, affordable housing and much more.

Standardized Tests

Learn about some of the most common standardized tests your kids take, why they’re important and how to prepare for them.

Atlanta’s Best Neighborhood Parks

Explore five of the metro area’s more intimate outdoor spaces, perfect for a little afternoon workout or spending time with the kids.


Newcomer Magazine, April/May 2014 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

April/May 2014 Issue

Metro Atlanta’s Top Neighborhoods

Our yearly guide to the area’s best cities, towns and suburbs showcases top-notch communities with great amenities for families, young professionals and empty nesters..

Character Education

Many Atlanta-area schools are teaching students how to become caring members of society, emphasizing the importance of kindness, respect and empathy for others.

Atlanta Insider’s Guide

Get the inside track on your new city’s landmarks, important dining experiences, and the five things every resident must do.

Georgia’s Luxury Resorts

These lavish resort destinations offer everything you need to vacation in style, including top-notch dining, accommodations and amenities.


Newcomer Magazine, February/March 2014 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

February/March 2014 Issue

Atlanta’s Top Health Care Options

We spotlight 10 of the city’s premier hospitals and health systems, featuring first-class trauma, maternity and pediatric care programs, among many others.

Family-friendly Communities in Atlanta

Relocating to a new city is always challenging. For families with children, that’s even more true. Schools, the makeup of the neighborhood, leisure activities and many other factors need to be taken into account when choosing a place to call home.

Choosing a Summer Camp

There are many great reasons to send your child to camp. We break down the benefits and show you what to look for.

Summer Camp Directory

Atlanta offers many excellent summer camps. Learn more about some of the exceptional options available to Atlanta campers.

Lights! Camera! Atlanta!

The metro area’s film industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and these fun, informative film tours guide you through the city’s TV and movie history.

Newcomer Magazine, December-January 2014 Read the digital edition of this Newcomer issue online!

December/January 2014 Issue

Atlanta’s Hottest Happenings in 2014

There’s always something going on in your new city, with parades, festivals and concerts galore. Mark your calendars for these can’t-miss events of the coming year.

Homes & Communities: DeKalb County Living

DeKalb County, the third-largest county in the state, offers charming communities, affordable homes and great places to eat, shop and more.

Atlanta’s Higher Education Options

Get the rundown on the metro area’s best colleges and universities, from Emory and Georgia Tech to smaller public offerings and more.

Why I Love Atlanta

Three prominent residents share their insights about what makes the city such a great place to live, and offer tips on restaurants, activities and more.

Atlanta School Guide