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Newcomer Magazine
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Fall 2019

Newcomer’s 2019 Annual Education Guide

Our annual look at Atlanta education includes what it’s like to teach your child, how to help your child study better, and more.

The Learning Curve: Strategies to Help Your Child Study Better

What It’s Like to Teach Your Kid: Educators Share Their Joys and Struggles

Atlanta Independent School Directory

Arts and Entertainment Guide

Atlanta is the arts capital of the Southeast. Here’s your ticket to the city’s best theater, culture, museums, music and more.


Newcomer Magazine
Read the digital edition of Newcomer online!

Summer 2019

Cover Story: Atlanta's Best Neighborhoods

Whether you’re looking to live inside or outside the Perimeter, north, south, or somewhere in between, our guide to Atlanta’s neighborhoods will help you find your next home.

Homes and Communities: Intown vs. the Suburbs

Atlanta has both great intown neighborhoods and the best suburbia has to offer. Discover which lifestyle option would be best for you.

Education Insight: Coping with School Cliques

Dealing with cliques can be one of the most challenging parts of growing up. Here’s how to help your child cope successfully.

Bringing History to Life

What better way to learn about your new community than to appreciate its history and heritage? Here are some top venues and attractions to help you get started.


Newcomer Magazine
Read the digital edition of Newcomer online!

Spring 2019

Family Fun in Atlanta

Warm weather is here—the kids are itching to get out of the house, and so are you. Here’s our list of great things to see and do around the city.

Homes and Communities: Family Friendly Neighborhoods

When you’re relocating with your kids, finding the right neighborhood is your top priority. Here are some of Atlanta’s top family communities you’ll all love to call home.

The Montessori Method

Stressing emotional development as well as academics, this innovative education style addresses the needs of the whole child. Find out more about Atlanta’s Montessori-accredited schools.

Navigating Atlanta Like a Native

With a sprawling footprint and four different interstates, Atlanta can be
intimidating for commuters.Our tips will help you get around like a pro.

Newcomer Magazine
Read the digital edition of Newcomer online!

Winter 2019

Atlanta’s Biggest and Best Events

From cultural celebrations to sports to neighborhood festivals (and more!), 2019 will truly offer something for everyone.

Neighborhood Associations

Learn the difference between homeowner and neighborhood associations and the advantages they offer.

Gaining STEAM

With today’s focus on STEM and STEAM it’s crucial to understand how these concepts benefit your child—and what skills they demand. Our overview gives you the big picture.

Atlanta's Best Burgers

Whether you go for a classic stack or one loaded with trendy tastes, Atlanta has your burger heaven. See our guide to the city’s favorites.

Atlanta School Guide