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Spring 2023

Atlanta’s Top Attractions 

Check out our list of 20 of Atlanta’s must-see sites and places, from world-class museums to theme parks and a variety of other family-friendly destinations.

Homes and Communities: DeKalb County 

The fourth largest county in the state, DeKalb County offers charming communities, affordable homes and great places to eat, shop and more.

Exploring Summer Camps  

Even though summer is still months away, the time to start planning to enroll in summer camp is right now. We break down the benefits and show you how to choose the best fit for your child.

Spring Travel Guide 

From one-tank trips just a couple of hours from Atlanta to exciting excursions into a few of our neighboring states, we’ve compiled some of our favorite springtime getaways.

Newcomer Magazine
Read the digital edition of Newcomer online!

Winter 2023

Wintertime Fun 

Start planning your winter activities now with our list of the best things to do for the season, including holiday events, indoor and outdoor festivals, ice skating and that polar bear plunge you’ve been eager to do. 

Neighborhood Associations 

Learn about homeowner associations and neighborhood associations and why they might be a good fit for your lifestyle. 

How to Prepare for College 

From middle school through high school, how to help your child get a head start on early preparation and navigating the college path. 

Georgia’s Historic Inns and Hotels 

Georgia’s oldest hotels and inns are historic gems of yesteryear, providing travelers the perfect mix of history, luxury and Southern charm

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